Envision Lakeville

In 2013 the City of Lakeville adopted the initial Envision Lakeville report. The purpose of the report is to help community leaders, residents and business owners establish an informed, reasoned and cohesive picture of how the community wants to grow into the future. The plan sets forth a 25-year vision for the future of Lakeville by outlining a set of community values and strategic priorities, while providing a list of key initiatives and an action plan to make the vision a reality.

The plan is reviewed every five years to ensure the vision is still relevant as the city grows and develops. The development of the report and the subsequent updates included extensive input from the community, including citywide surveys, an Envision Lakeville Taskforce, and meetings with the City Council's advisory boards and commissions.

Meeting dateAgendaMinutes
October 9, 2023Agenda/packet (PDF)
September 13, 2023Agenda/packet (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
August 14, 2023Agenda/packet (PDF)Minutes (PDF)
May 30, 2023Agenda/packet (PDF)Minutes (PDF)

Taskforce Reference Materials

Taskforce Members

  • Abdi Abdulle
  • Aly Bunting
  • Erin Duckworth 
  • Eric Gieseke
  • Jared Herndon 
  • Kelsey Holberg
  • Hassan Jama
  • Krista Jech
  • Tony Joseph
  • Kristina Kwan
  • Sarah Smith Larkin
  • Iftinta Mohamed
  • Ava Nielson
  • Roz Peterson
  • Rick Ringeisen
  • Lisa Schneegans
  • Vicki Schwartz
  • Molly Staack
  • John Swaney
  • Aida Tezera
  • Christine "Tine" Thompson
  • Kellie Walia

Staff Contacts