Sanitary Sewer Lining Project

The City of Lakeville has contracted with Insituform Technologies USA to clean, televise and install liners to rehabilitate sanitary sewer mains owned by the City. Locations affected include parts of Airlake Industrial Park, downtown Lakeville, areas south of Lake Marion, and areas near County Road 50 between Kenwood Way and 188th Street West. Download the map below for details.

The project will take place between January and June 2019, beginning with Figure 7 in the map above, which will occur in March. Affected businesses and residents have been or will be notified by the City and Insituform staff regarding timing and suggested sewer use during work on their particular location.

Reduce Chemical Odors

If during the process of installing liners you detect a chemical odor, do not be alarmed. You will actually be smelling styrene, which is an integral component of the resin used to saturate the liner that is installed into the sewer. This odor will quickly dissipate once the installation process is complete, and is not a health risk.

Pouring a gallon of water into sinks, floor drains or other drainage openings (especially those that are seldom used and whose traps may be empty of water) before the contractor commences work should prevent any odor from entering your building. If you detect an odor, simply open your windows and/or turn on a fan to help ventilate the building.  

Watch this short video to see how the sanitary sewers will be lined and rehabilitated without digging.

Onsite Construction Observers

  • Shane Quade, Utilities Superintendent: 952-985-2741
  • Steve Grossman, Utilities Supervisor: 952-985-2742